About us


“Since man discovered and controlled fire, there has been no human activity more relevant than thermal processes. Despite its old age and daily use, it is the most complex activity and the one that requires most considerations to be carried out correctly.”
“Temperature is one of the most complicated magnitudes to evaluate, measure, generate and control. Temperature Control and Management must be taken into consideration, as it is a key element in any process.”


Termya was born from the union of different business experiences, in the Temperature Control and Management sector, to provide expertize and offer comprehensive solutions to enhance results.


For more than 30 years we have worked very closely with the aeronautical sector and this relationship made us understand the importance of accuracy. A sector in which the results had to really be reliable.


This approach was what made us deepen our way of working: offering increasingly accurate and effective solutions allowing our clients to maximize the results of their processes.


We understood the strength of our expert advice and the value of our continuous support so that our clients could made safe and sound decisions in the complete temperature control loop. The result was that they achieved greater reliability and profitability in their production processes. With this knowledge, we exported our work approach to other sectors seeking the same goals and objectives: to optimize their own processes and make them more profitable.

Expert Support

Since then, we have helped each client to identify their strengths and weaknesses in temperature control, we helped them find solutions that allow them to take a significant leap in their production processes and to feel safe along the way.
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