The Big Problem

The vast majority of companies, when willing to improve their production processes in which Temperature Control and Management are involved, they have doubts or make mistakes that could have been avoided. The reality is that these errors produce a great loss of time and resources and have a very negative impact on the results of the process.


Loss ratio



Loss ratio


Termya´s approach

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of your
    temperature control

We analyze your process or project in depth, to understand its strengths and weaknesses regarding temperature control. We establish a diagnosis and determine with you the actions to be implemented, helping you make safe decisions.

  • Global perspective of the complete
    temperature loop
Understanding the aspects to improve, we leverage our experience to offer our global vision of the complete temperature control loop, seeking the best solutions which allows you to improve your process to achieve real results.
  • Solutions that maximize
    your process
By understanding the aspects to improve, we work with a global vision in the complete temperature control loop, which allows us to design and create fully customized, integrated solutions without margin of error, which will allow you to maximize the power of your process or project.
  • Adjustment and test
Every improvement process has a period of time to review results and adjust parameters. In order to achieve the objectives pursued, we will be with you during tests and adjustments.

Know How

The Termya

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