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Heating Cables


Termya ofrece una amplia variedad de cables calefactores para un calentamiento rápido y eficiente. Gracias a su flexibilidad son conformables y adaptables a un gran número de aplicaciones, desde evitar condensaciones hasta procesos que requieren temperaturas muy elevadas (hasta 1.000°C).



Termya offers a wide variety of heating cables for fast and efficient heating. Thanks to their flexibility they are conformable and adaptable to a large number of applications, from avoiding condensations to processes that require very high temperatures (up to 1000°C).

Cables for Electrical Traced

These flexible heaters are built from resistive cables insulated with different materials, from silicone to quartz fiber, providing a constant power along its entire length. Manufactured as wires, cables or tapes, with different dimensions and supplied with a fixed length or in reels.

To cover all the demands of the market and meet all types of industries, they are available in multiple types: with Constant Power, Self-regulating, Anti-freeze, heaters for floors, walls or outdoor, etc.

  • Material: Silicone, thermoplastics, fibers.
  • Maximum temperature: 760°C
  • Power density: Up to 200 W/cm
  • Maximum voltage: 240 V

Mineral Insulation Cables

Ideal heaters for extreme working conditions, such as high temperature, pressure or vacuum. Of reduced diameter, great performance and adaptable to many configurations thanks to its flexibility. They consist of a resistive wire isolated with magnesium oxide and protected by a metallic sheath, of different material according to the working temperature.

These elements have cold ends for the protection of the connection in high temperature applications.

  • Material: Stainless Steel or Inconel®
  • Maximum temperature: 1000°C
  • Power density: Up to 350 W/cm
  • Maximum voltage: 240 V